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Cat Teeth Cleaner Toy

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We got you covered, introducing the CAT TEETH CLEANER TOY the perfect SOKUTION to your cat’s dental health!

Even if CATS are known to be the CLEANEST ANIMAL, it is still proper to TAKE CARE of their HYGEINE especially when it comes to their DENTAL HEALTH.

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It is said that having PERIODONTAL DISEASE is very common in cats it can lead to oral pain and tooth loss.

Soft Silicone Mint Fish Cat Toy Catnip Pet, Soft Silicone Mint Fish Cat Toy Catnip Pet
It is caused by PLAQUE the STICKY BACTERIA coating the surface of the tooth. So, how do we take care of our cat’s teeth?

Have an easy, fun & effortless way to clean your cat's teeth with the Interactive Cat Dental Toy!

Cat Teeth Cleaner Toy is an INTERACTIVE TOY that provides an EASY, FUN and EFFORLESS way to CLEAN UP your CAT’S TEETH. It is made of SILICONE MATERIAL that is SAFE, SOFT, and NON-TOXIC.

It is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to CLEAN TEETH and MASSAGES the GUMS as they CHEW and NIBBLE the toy leaving them a HEALTHY and CLEAN teeth and gums.

Cat Teeth Cleaner Toy has a CATNIP inside the toy that has a STRONG, AROMATIC FRAGRANCE that ADDS HYPE and CHEERS UP the cats making them ADDICTIVE to the toy. It helps to REDUCE ANXIETY and BOREDOM as it makes the cats be more ACTIVE and ALERT due to the CATNIP’S EFFECT. It is REFILLABLE just insert CATNIP PODS and IMMEDIATELY attract their attention.

Cat Teeth Cleaner Toy is DURABLE and WON’T TEAR EASILY. It is EASY to CLEAN just WASH under tap water and DRY with cloth or tissue. It is SUITABLE for all cat breeds and sizes. It is EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT. It comes in THREE different COLORS: White, Pink, and Blue.

EASY TO CLEAN - Just wash under tap water then dry with cloth or tissue.
Keep your feline's teeth clean the fun way! Grab the Interactive Cat Dental Toy Now! 

Material/s: Silicone
Available Colors: Blue / White / Pink
Size: 17cm x 2.5cm
Package Inclusion/s: Interactive Cat Dental Toy x 1/2/3pcs
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